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How Much Ad Revenue from 1 million Youtube Views

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The amount of money that an individual can make varies wildly depending on factors such as: the genre, number of views, video quality, title, tags and the quality of the keywords used. Another very important point is that YouTube is an advertising platform. This means that you have to have a certain number of views before you start earning any money with your videos.

How much YouTube pays per view varies

 In fact, it’s complicated. There are a number of factors that affect how much money you’ll make from your videos.

  • First, there’s the type of content you’re producing.
  • Next, you have to consider where your viewers come from. If you’re getting views from Google search results or YouTube recommendation lists, you’ll earn more than if someone found your video through another platform like Facebook or Twitter.
  • Finally, there are external factors like advertising competition and seasonality that can impact your revenue potential as well.”

If you are in the top 3% of creators, you make $5 per 1,000 views

Let’s assume that a creator makes $10 per 1000 views on average. Let’s further assume that they have an audience of 50,000 people watching their videos and subscribing to their channel. That means that each month they would earn $50,000 in ad revenue.

 It is important to note that many channels also make money through other sources such as merchandise sales, sponsorship deals, etc.

If you are in the top 15% of creators, you make $2 per 1,000 views

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and it has a huge user base. According to Statista, YouTube reaches more than 1 billion users every single month. It’s also one of the most popular websites in the world, with an Alexa ranking of 3.

If you’re an aspiring You Tuber or if you’re already making videos but want to make more money from them, this article will tell you everything you need to know about ad revenue on YouTube.

How much do you make per 1 million views?

If you are in the top 15% of creators, which means if your channel has over 100 thousand subscribers and average watch time of 5 minutes or more, then here’s how much ad revenue from 1 million views: $2 per 1,000 views for channels with over 100k subs and average watch time of 5 minutes or more.

How many views do I need to get paid on YouTube?

Every time someone watches an ad on YouTube, the creator of the video is paid a small portion of that ad revenue. The majority of views are monetized via Ad Sense, which means you get paid when someone watches your video for 30 seconds or more. It’s important to note that only some videos will qualify for monetization.

  • You must first register your channel with YouTube and certify that you meet their criteria before they will allow you to monetize your content.
  • Once you’ve registered your channel and it has been approved, you’ll have access to a number of tools that allow you to make money from your videos on YouTube.
  • Every time someone watches a video for 30 seconds or more, YouTube pays the owner of that video a small amount of money – typically between $0.10 – $2 per 1000 views (CPM)

To earn $1,000 per month from Ad Sense, your videos need approximately 30,000 views per month

The amount of money you can earn from YouTube ads is based on the number of views your video gets in a month. To earn $1,000 per month from Ad Sense, your videos need approximately 30,000 views per month.

You can also monetize your videos through the new program YouTube Red. This program allows users to watch videos without having to see any ads at all and gives them access to exclusive content such as music playlists and original programming.

Creating a popular video can bring a decent salary

The average You Tuber earns $1.50 per thousand views, according to research from Tube Mogul. That means that if you were lucky enough to get 1 million views on your video, you could earn $1,500 in ad revenue from it. If you’re a popular You Tuber, you can earn even more money by having your videos promoted on the site’s home page.  

If you have more than 5,000 subscribers, YouTube will promote your videos if they’ve been viewed more than 30 times in the past week and are at least three minutes long. Videos that are promoted show up in a sidebar that appears on the left side of the homepage.

How much do ad sense publishers make per click

The answer to this question is dependent on a number of variables, including the type of content you’re publishing and how much traffic you’re getting. As a general rule, YouTube ads are more lucrative than Google Ad Sense ads.

According to one study conducted by Word Stream, advertisers pay an average of $7.60 per 1,000 views. If your channel has 100k subscribers, that means you can expect to earn $760 per month in ad revenue. That’s not bad at all.


If you are looking for a way to make money, YouTube is probably not the best route. The main source of revenue from YouTube comes from creating premium content in exchange for advertising. Achieving millions of views is difficult, and it can take many years unless you’re creating a viral video or channel.